Sunday, September 16, 2012

well shucks

Spent my Sunday shucking oysters at the Tomales Bay Oyster Co. Yes, I'm really into making bad puns lately. And peplum tops.
IMGP5815 IMGP5807IMGP5810
What I wore: Zara peplum top, UO jeans, Boutique 9 sandals, vintage beaded sweater
IMGP5721 IMGP5742 IMGP5732IMGP5784 Oyster shucking at Tomales Bay Oyster Co.
IMGP5766 IMGP5773IMGP5778 sauteed oysters with chorizo and sweet corn
The scene at Tomales Bay Oyster Co.
A couple of doggie friends

Monday, September 10, 2012

fashion week trivia

Guess who designed these looks? Hint: you'll never guess.

Yup, these are part of 16 looks presented by Manny Mashouf for Bebe. You know, the Bebe you totally begged your mom to buy your 8th grade graduation dress from even though she deemed it too short, but you begged and begged and she finally acquiesced and as payback, that popular jerk who ditched you at the mall one time ended up wearing the same dress in a different color. That Bebe.

Teenage nostalgia aside, my favorite thing about chain store brands is that no matter how many ill-advised forays into cheap, shiny fabrics and Kardashian Kollections they dabble in, there's always the possibility that, put in capable hands, the brand can suddenly become relevant and desirable again. For proof of concept, one need look no further than what Jenna Lyons has done for J. Crew. I remember a time in the not-so-distant past when J. Crew was synonymous with whale embroidered kelly green chinos and a bunch of other boring, made for Connecticut WASPY shit. I'm glad these brands can change and evolve with the times. And I'm still hoping for a Gap comeback one of these days. Stranger things have happened.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


IMGP5582 IMGP5587 IMGP5586 IMGP5599 IMGP5603 vintage top from Reliquary, J Brand jeans, Sigerson Morrison heels, no brand sunglasses
all photos by my lovely friend Meghan! (thanks for humoring me Schmegs)

This top reminded me of Cleopatra, which in turn reminded me of Frank Ocean's 'Pyramids', which is so totally my summer jam, so I bought it. Sometimes fashion is as simple as identifying something familiar.