Monday, March 11, 2013

postcards from tahoe

IMGP8151 IMGP8083 IMGP8096 IMGP8080 IMGP8105IMGP8122 IMGP8148 IMGP8145 IMGP8108 IMGP8175 IMGP8206 IMGP8191
Spent a glorious snowy weekend holed up in a rad 1970's cabin in Tahoe. I'm not one for snow sports, but I sure can get down with chilling champagne in snow drifts and playing dress-up in a foiled wallpaper bathroom with my besties.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

new textures

Alexander Wang's much lauded debut at Balenciaga proved that the storied fashion house is in elegant, capable hands.  My 2 favorite looks combined a sleek black pant with crackly painted knits...a look that will surely spawn some DIY attempts across the blogosphere. I think I'll leave the experimentation up to the experts though (Ivania, I'm looking at you).