Friday, August 31, 2012

oh happy happy friday

You've been good kids this week. As a reward, I shower you with the best of the internetz.

Henri 2, Paw de Deux: winner of the first ever Internet Cat Video Film Festival. The fact that such a thing exists fills me with a pride in humanity I haven't fully experienced since discovering Dancing Alone to Pony. ----> oh yes you should click on that

The K-Pop sensation that's sweeping the nation, PSY's 'Gangnam Style'. A shimmering ode to crotch thrusting, equestrian sports, and strobe lights best viewed while under the influence of a powerful, mind altering substance. Fact: my office is working on a flash mob version of this dance right now.

Kimye, looking like a couple of disapproving constipated gorillas. Heart them!

And finally, here's where you'll find me this weekend with my girl Devon of Effortlesslii:


Sunday, August 26, 2012


Wandered through the Japanese Tea gardens last weekend. Because sometimes you just have to put on  an inappropriately transparent lace dress and play tourist in your own city. I've been waiting for a place to wear this lace mini dress, and finally conceded to the weather and some degree of human decency by  pairing it with spandex shorts and tons of winterlike layers on top. It worked, sorta.
IMGP5372 IMGP5393 IMGP5402 IMGP5399 IMGP5394 IMGP5353 IMGP5343IMGP5336 IMGP5364 IMGP5426 Wearing Joie lace dress found at TJ Maxx, thrifted cashmere Gap sweater, Zara booties, UO jacket, vintage necklace and bag (which cost me a whopping $2 at a thrift store in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.)

Monday, August 20, 2012

history buffs

IMGP5018 IMGP5030 IMGP5021 IMGP5029
wearing James jeans cords, H&M t-shirt and sweater, thrifted jean jacket, Soludos shoes, vintage bag, Wardell's Ray Ban sunglasses

Because I just know you needed more photos of me staring pensively into the distance with a look on my face like I'm holding in a fart...I bring you this photo set from a previous weekends' trip to the Legion of Honor. This casual-not-boring outfit is anchored by my favorite skinny cords and my boyfriend's Ray Bans, which incidentally look amazing on me. No wonder I bought them for him.

Here we are looking creepy. Or maybe that's just from the patina on the 200 year-old mirror. Or maybe we actually do look pretty creepy. I leave that to you to decide.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

instant life

1. Summer ice cream in a favorite ASOS dress, Terry de Havilland wedges, and H&M necklace
2. In the woods in Pelican Lake, Minnesota
3. New thrift store find from Fargo--only $2!
4. Orange gradient nails from a few weeks ago
5. Messing around with deer antlers in my office

Sunday, August 12, 2012

i wanna dress like: Parker Posey in Party Girl

Ok folks, I'm about to blow your mind: it's been 17 years since Party Girl was made. That's long enough for an entire person to be born, grow up, and get their driver's license. It's long enough to invent a cell phone app that turns you into a zombie. It's long enough to develop the technology to land on freaking Mars.

images via dovetail, google

And yet, some things can't help but stay the same. I've been mad envious of Parker Posey's wardrobe in Party Girl ever since I first saw it. With her retro-inspired accessories, bold color and pattern mixing, and chunky platforms, she perfectly encapsulated that post-grunge, beginning-of-the-rave-scene-candy-kid look from the mid-90's. And even though I'm not exactly longing for the days when ecstasy was the drug du jour, I'm pretty sold on the idea of dressing like a hot, eccentric librarian. See below:

Lanvin round sunglasses
vintage 60's cropped double breasted leopard coat via ebay 
vintage bag via etsy 
Jones NY tie-neck blouse
Antique victorian stick pin via ebay
Mango bow leather gloves
Sonia Rykiel sweater via the Outnet
Kimchi and Blue victorian boot
Henrik Vibskov tony tiger tights via 
Chandelier earrings via etsy
Vintage beaded tunic dress
Dolce & Gabbana jacquard pants via Net-a-porter

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

in the heartland

IMGP5307 IMGP5310 IMGP5140IMGP5126IMGP5065 IMGP5167 IMGP5215 IMGP5067 IMGP5221IMGP5122

Exploring my ancestral homeland this past weekend in Fargo, North Dakota and Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. My dad was born there but his parents left for the warmer, more preservative temperatures of Arizona before I was born, so I had never been before. The Fargo/Moorhead area has the dubious distinction of being the location for the Cohen brother's movie of the same name, yet it has also been named one of the safest cities in America. People have the curious habit of saying 'hi' to you on the street, even if they don't know you. It's filled with small-town values and picturesque vignettes that are just begging to become campaign photo-ops. I'd totally go there again.