Tuesday, November 30, 2010

shiny buckles


wearing vintage Albert Nippon wool dress, vintage buckle pumps, Banana Republic jacket, necklace from Stein Mart

I love these shoes. They remind me of the Roger Vivier pumps here. They're also sort of oddly, obnoxiously perfect for Thanksgiving.

I also just discovered that Sephora carries Illamasqua nail polish and I'm dying to get my hands (literally, har har) on the molten red Scarab. Imagine how fantastic it would look for the holidays:

Monday, November 29, 2010

new loves


images on left via Purse n Boots, images on right via (IN)Decorous Taste

Proof that one good thing usually leads to another... I've been obsessing over two new blogs lately. Special thanks to BleachBlack for turning me on to (IN)Decorous Taste and Tattoologist for leading me to the wonderful world of Purse n Boots. Now if you'll excuse me I have some stalking to do.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

i will not

I didn't buy any of the Lanvin for H&M stuff because I was the dumb bitch who showed up on Sunday and casually asked if there were any pieces left. Would I have liked to get my hands on some of it? Sure. The sunglasses are about in my price range. I'm sure those would have been nice. But will I lose sleep over it, spend the rest of my life in a regretful funk, OR pay some opportunistic little housewife running an ebay side business a 500% retail mark-up for one of the sold-out pieces? FUCK NO.

I mean really, $315 for a pair of sunglasses that cost $20 retail? To say that this defeats the purpose of the whole exercise is a profound understatement.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

im not here


wearing Marc by Marc Jacobs cashmere sweater, vintage blouse, thrifted Wrangler cut offs, H&M tights, random socks, Dolca Vita booties

It is colder than Donkey balls up in this bitch. Where's my turkey?!?! I don't want to work tomorrow. 

To illustrate how I feel about this situation, I've pasted the same picture of myself glancing reproachfully over my shoulder into a photograph of an ancient, rotting mental institution. Take that Tyler Momsen. I am more emo than you. YOU PEONS COULD NEVER CONCEIVE OF THE DEPTH AND BREADTH OF MY GENIUS. Or my affinity for photo collages...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

pretty unpretty face


top to bottom: image via Love Aesthetics, image via Ben Trovato, Jak & Jill, unknown

Oddly depressing weekend. Sunday night. Harrumph.

Grey lipstick and bruise-colored eyeshadow have never seemed so fitting.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

oh you fancy, huh?


wearing J. Crew sweatshirt sweater, F21 skirt (wish it was a tad bit longer), Dolce Vita boots, hippie fair necklace, F21 bangle, vintage bag, brandless sunglasses from costume shop

Pictures above were taken when I went to see the Elle Decor Showhouse with my mom this weekend. Each room was decorated by a different interior designer, and while I found the home in its entirety to be painfully overdone, I did fall in love with every single one of its luxuriously appointed bathrooms. I suppose you don't know what luxury is until you sit on a self-flushing/cleaning/closing/heated toilet. Here's to one day living that dream.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

fashion anathema: the victoria's secret fashion show

A Victoria's Secret fashion show may be the only place you can see Behati Prinsloo swathed in a deflated soccer ball and silver tape:

This shit looks like it was conceived during a late-night binge drinking session by a club promoter whose idea of fashion has been gleaned entirely from lap dances and role-playing scenes in Olympic Sluts Part IV. It's Vegas meets I CAN'T.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

i'm lazier than you

wearing Calvin Klein blazer, J Crew silk top, gifted Urban Outfitters skirt (thanks SMB!!), vintage bag, pin, Zara flats, random sunglasses, trusty Timex watch

The extent of my laziness is widely recognized and unwavering. Por ejemplo, I've needed new toothpaste for about a week now, and instead of just going to Walgreens and picking up a new tube, I've resorted to cutting the old tube open to scrape any last remnants of goo from the inside. Actually, this doesn't make me lazy. It would be far easier to buy a new tube than it has been to surgically excise the toothpaste from the spent tube. Maybe stubborn is a more apt description.

Anyhoo, speaking of laziness, my co-worker ordered this skirt off of Urban Outfitters for $7 and when it  arrived and didn't give her that good tingle in the panties (like all good clothes do) she gave it to me rather than trek to the post office and return it. So in the case of her laziness, there is a beneficiary, namely me, and I guess that doesn't count so much as laziness either. I dunno, moral of the story is I got a skirt for free and that's cool.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

fall back


wearing J. Crew blouse, H&M sweater, vintage wool skirt that belonged to my mom, Made by Elves booties, vintage belt and bracelets, random necklace from a hippie fair

Besides choking my spleen and at least one kidney, this skirt is alarmingly perfect. Thanks, mom.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

this. i can't.

Cassie (claim to fame: Diddy's part-time ball waxer) rocking some serious NAIL. (source: Wah Nails)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

exercise your rights


wearing: J Crew sweater, ASOS leather jacket, Ellen Tracy skirt (thrifted), necklace from Stein Mart in New Orleans, and Made by Elves booties

I sure as hell hope all American citizens voted today. Wait--let me qualify that statement. I hope you voted today UNLESS you think:
- homosexuals shouldn't be allowed to teach in public schools
- poor people are all lazy drug addicts
- Sarah Palin is a good presidential candidate for 2012
- global warming is a left wing conspiracy with no scientific basis

If you find any of the above statements to be true, you really have no business operating a motor vehicle or raising children, much less participating in a democratic process.

How serendipitous that the "I Voted!" stickers matched my outfit today. I swear I didn't plan it.