Wednesday, August 18, 2010

hide your kids, hide your wife...

...And I'm sure by now you know why.


wearing Old Navy trench, Michael Michael Kors skirt, AA sweatshirt, Gap t-shirt, JC shoes

Here I am looking like a sullen Eastern European milkmaid. These shoes are comfortable but treacherous for commuting. I almost fell like three times on the bus and only barely saved myself after stomping and scrambling in what I can only assume was a loud and dramatic fashion. Luckily my headphones shielded me from having to hear any comments about being the deserving recipient of a Darwin Award. Harrumph.


  1. The jacket is sooo cool.
    Love it !

    xoxo lala

  2. I know the words to the song. lol I love the jacket!

  3. Those shoes are perfect! Love the color!

  4. Isn't it the best when your favorite pair of ridiculous heels fail you? It makes people think that they're not as amazing as you know they are. But don't worry, we bloggers will second your nomination!

  5. Just pretend it didn't happen and everyone else will somehow forget that it did.

    I lurve the print on your skirt.

  6. Absolutely in love with your outfit..
    That blue skirt is so pretty
    Love it..

  7. So that YouTube video has GOT to be part spoof. Those characters/interviewees were straight out of Mad TV.

    Either that or you have super fuckin juicy news in the homeland, or I'm completely out of the YouTube loop.

    Anyway, despite the trespassing and sexual harassment, I had to giggle.

    PS- I'm going to hell.

  8. umm i totes want your splendids!!

    QW - the quality is actually pretty decent, I bought the Burberry-esque trench too and remember being pleasantly surprised. I know, the prices have put me off and meant I've missed out on a few things too!

  9. Oh no! I hadn't heard that about horrible :( Why do companies get involved in these sort of things XD Just leave it all alone...

  10. Really cute outfit. Love that trench and skirt.:)SarahD

  11. hahahaha... "run tell dat, homeboy..." I love the title of your post! me and my friends have been obsessed with Antoine. I still am. I could just listen to him talk all day, about anything, cause he'll tell it like it is.

    by the way i have so many falling stories its not even funny. i the most accident prone person ever.


  12. such a cute outfit
    I love the trench and those JC heels are amazing
    you look so so pretty

    ♥ Marley