Monday, January 23, 2012

she thinks my tractor's sexy

IMGP2824 IMGP2828 IMGP2827 wearing Madewell denim shirt, UO jeans, vintage belt, rings, and necklace

There's nothing like denim on denim to coax out the beer-drinking, football-loving, gun-toting American in all of us.

Special shout-out to Tara (for the beautiful long silver ring from Portland) and Callie (for the vintage silver and glass necklace). You girls are the bestest birthday gifters ever.


  1. Im inspired to go polish off my dad's old silver turquoise belt buckle. Thanks baby girl.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! I have now a giveaway on my blog celebrating my 50 first followers. I wanted to let the people know who been to my blog few times a tip!

  3. Ha, I've worn my Texas tuxedo like this before too, no shame :)