Monday, March 11, 2013

postcards from tahoe

IMGP8151 IMGP8083 IMGP8096 IMGP8080 IMGP8105IMGP8122 IMGP8148 IMGP8145 IMGP8108 IMGP8175 IMGP8206 IMGP8191
Spent a glorious snowy weekend holed up in a rad 1970's cabin in Tahoe. I'm not one for snow sports, but I sure can get down with chilling champagne in snow drifts and playing dress-up in a foiled wallpaper bathroom with my besties.


  1. omg these pictures are all brilliant!

  2. nice shots girl. I especially love the one with your wellies and the water. Looks like you had a rockin trip. Hope all is well. -devo

  3. Thanks for the postcard. Eff snow sports. I like to drive in the snow, which is only out of my driveway cause they plow the roads. Rock and roll.

  4. Oh my gosh, fun! I love the snow cooling the alcohol.

    Kate from Clear the Way