Monday, November 7, 2011

geaux tigers


wearing thrifted BCBG skirt, Tucker blouse, Target for Missoni shoes, necklace from TJ Maxx, vintage bracelet, vintage clutch (and my aunt is wearing the Missoni for Target coat too!)

Ok, so I know I'm a day late and a dollar short on the whole Missoni for Target thing, but better late than never. The entire collection sold out in my area in about the time it takes you to let out a silent fart, but luckily in Monroe, Louisiana, they still had these pumps in my size about a month after the collection hit stores. A MONTH. It's almost enough to make me want to move to a 100% Republican state and start caring about LSU football. Almost.

And speaking of LSU, check out the groom's cake at my cousin's wedding:


It was much more delicious than attending an actual LSU football game. Nom nom nom.


  1. I love the brown leather skirt ^^

  2. Beautiful skirt!

  3. Oooh I love the outfit, the Missoni heels look great :D That is just shameful that they still had stuff left :p

  4. hahaha... Those shoes are pretty amazing. Even in my Target in god's land was sold out of Missoni . So I heard, I was in Miami at the time the collection launched and didn't even bother trying trying to fight my way through that crowd...
    GO LSU!!!


  5. thanks for visiting my blog! i can't believe that the target there STILL had missoni, just think of all the people paying ridiculous amounts for it on ebay! what a lucky find.


    p.s. roll tide ;) (haha being alabama born and raised i have to put that into a post commenting on lsu)

  6. The printed prim look suits you! I know they're not, but those shoes are so Biba. Sx

  7. Aaah! You and your aunt were the lucky ones to cop some Missoni for Target items. The shoes are too cute. And I love your skirt and blouse.

  8. Wow you lucked out hehe. WAs LSU one of the choice schools in The Blind Side? I feel like it was, but Im very tired today. That cake better be chocolate. mama like.

  9. Love your nails and shoes, fantastic!

  10. on a totally unrelated note: are you familiar with The Shield? it's not The Wire, but comes pretty damn close. highly addictive shit!

  11. Holy Coon-ass! That cake is hilarious. Did they serve crawfish and chitlins at the dinner?? If not, you really missed out. Next time I go to Nola I will defos swing by a Target. Anything Missoni got wiped out in Houston in the first hour.