Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Picture 1
Picture 2
ice skates

top to bottom: Charlotte Olympia wedges, Stubbs & Wooton slippers, Maison Martin Margiela curved heel boots, Charlotte Olympia kitty flats, DSquared ice skate heels

It occurs to me I have totally lost sight of the original purpose of this blog, which was to document those ridiculously expensive designer items that make my panties wet and that I'll never be able to afford. Let's indulge in a bit of fantasy, shall we? If I was Kim Kardashian and wanted to reward myself for making a big splash with my fake marriage and celebrate the fact that E! Network now pays me an amount roughly equal to the GDP of Sweden, I would most certainly buy all these beauties and call it a fucking day. Real talk.


  1. Oooh ice stakes - it's that time of year. I love skating (usually on my backside) x

  2. HAHAH. I LOVE "SHOEGASM". Super witty. Those kitties ARE SO FREAKING CUTE. Would make a smashing DIY, me thinkzzz.

  3. You so named your blog right!

  4. shoegasm in deed! I love the first pair of red wedges!.. it is sad we can only drool over these babes!
    and thanks for stopping by my blog.. I'll be featuring more DIY posts next week like the one before, knit sweaters.. so yeah, I'll do a step by step so you can manage to do them too.. and don't be affraid, it's easy trust me..
    stay cool!