Monday, November 12, 2012

gone country

IMGP6605 IMGP6602 IMGP6585 IMGP6597 IMGP6608 IMGP6618 wearing vintage shirt, UO jeans, Pixie Market shoes, Faulenciaga bag

Cowboy shirts: so much less offensive than Native American war princess headdresses. Yeesh. You'd think people would know better by now. You'd also think I'd know better than to wear a wool gabardine shirt to go wedding dress shopping with a friend, but apparently I don't know the meaning of wool gabardine. Anyway, FYI, it's quite warm.

Special photobomb appearance by my friend Annie, who obviously didn't take note of the fact that I was posing and walked right into my photoshoot. Probably because I pose a lot sans camera.


  1. I love this outfit! The shirt is very Isabel Marant, funny how vintage stuff always comes back in perfect style :)
    and yea...VS is dumb, ha ha

  2. This is not really how I envisioned my debut on StylePorn but i'll take it.

  3. Your friend looks like an art director who's horrified that her models and photographer can't take simple instructions. And I like your shirt even though I have no idea what the hell wool gabardine in either.

  4. This is so cute! Love those shoes!

  5. hahaha photobomb. You should have seen our Halloween pics. Every single one had someone in it, like between our heads so we couldn't even crop. I love vintage western tops, I'm much less imaginative and would probably wear cowboy boots.