Thursday, November 1, 2012

you've got to climb mt. everest to reach the valley of the dolls

Spent Halloween in a slowly increasing state of dishevelment as Anne Welles from Valley of the Dolls (which was a terrible book before it was a terrible movie...I highly recommend reading it). For work I played the more put-together polished version, and by nightfall I was a smeared mess, 'dolls' in hand.

The day before Halloween we had the world-famous pumpkin carver Shawn Feeney in our office to work his magic on a pumpkin, which we streamed live. This guy is seriously talented. Check out more of his work here.

More hot mess action. It rained really hard on my way to the party, which added to the overall affect:

The party was a 'Hotel California' theme, complete with a creepy butler (hired on Craigslist), a reception desk, and room keys as souvenirs:

The bathroom was delightfully reminiscent of a murder scene:

And finally, we all know it's not a real holiday without pictures of dogs looking distressed in adorable costumes. L to R: Quasi as the horse + headless horseman, Kobe as a mod, and Gus as a dinosaur (begging for cheese cubes):

Hope you all had a fun and fantastic Hallow's Eve!


  1. Oh how I love this...the bathroom is making me all tingly with glee...

    I shouldn't admit that on the internet, should I?

  2. OMG, I love everything about your costume, genius!!!!!

  3. The rain did you good. I havent heard of that boovie, Ill have to check it out. what a fun party. I hired my sewing teacher from Craigslist. She hasnt hurt me yet. But she has steered me in the wrong direction and had to pick up the seam ripper a few times. Just going to keep her till I "make it." Love those pumpkins. So much talent.