Monday, October 31, 2011


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It is with a heavy heart that I write no Halloween festivities were had this weekend, thanks to a wedding in Louisiana that sadly, was not Halloween themed. It just doesn't even seem like fall yet because I haven't spent countless hours researching, creating, and applying my costume (past years have necessitated a wide range of preparations, including fake tattoos, sculpting an ass out of travel pillows, and applying an artistically accurate face painting with Kryolan cosmetics). Because I'm feeling nostalgic as fuck, let's have a look back at some costumes of years' past:

2010 - Day of the Dead Bride


2009 - Lady Gaga


2008 - Kim Kardashian


2007 was Amy Winehouse (pre-mortem) and I'd sure love to get my hands on a picture but it has long since been relegated to some forgotten external hard drive and I can't quite conjure up the willpower to unearth it.

IF I had been blessed with the opportunity to dress up this year, I would have gone as the Black Swan. Not because I fancy myself to be as svelte or as pretty as Natalie Portman but because I've always had a hard-on for ballet and it would be super fun to do the makeup. And my first position isn't too shabby either.

OR I might have just canned all my plans and worn this dress, which surely would have gotten me at least an honorable mention at my company's annual Halloween contest:


$100 seems a little steep to wear Steve Buschemi's face, but it's a chance I probably would have been willing to take.

So tell me dawls, what were your Halloween plans this year? Just don't make them sound too fun, or I'll have an even harder time getting over my loss.


  1. SADS! I didn't do halloween either. Can we just make next year the best ween to ever weener?



  2. Damn, u really had gone all out in previous years. Most years I choose to boycott Halloween. This year the choice was made for me. Ain't got nothing going on but seeing other peoples costumes. That will suffice. That dress tops the Lionel Ritchie carved pumpkin I saw earlier today. Killer,

  3. The KK outfit is freakin' awesome!

  4. lotsa weddings for you. funnn.

    i was a wizard this year. have you ever seen a wizard in full cloak and beard break it down to the ground to 90's rap and r&b? totally.

  5. I can't decide what's awesomer, that Kardashian ass or the Buscemi dress.

  6. omg you are such a star!!! love all your dress babe!
    I didn't dress up this year too...but looking at your outfits I wish I did now :))

  7. Omg.. as broke as I am I think getting a dress with Steve Buscemis face on it is more important than paying my electric bill.
    I love your costumes. This year I decided to be a female sex offender a.k.a. (I didn't dress up)

    My sisters show was sold out in San Fran :( Yet I will see if she can pull some strings. Love the nails btw :)


  8. sucks!.. I love halloween as well and go all over the top every year with my costumes.. I had the same problem last year.. a wedding ruined my halloween! ha.. I haven't posted photos of my halloween this year but will do as soon as I get them 'cause I had no camera that night..
    anyway, cool costumes from past years, loved the dead bride! so original.. hope you get to celebrate this festivity next year..

  9. Love the Lady Gaga.... and no Halloween for me either!