Wednesday, December 28, 2011

got green?

wearing T by Alexander Wang sweater, Madewell blouse

Digging this painterly rendition of an ombre nail. It's like a Picasso*--from far away it looks pretty cool but up close it's a big 'ol mess.

Ed. note: Thanks to a commenter who is smarter than me (and has a better memory) I now stand corrected that I actually meant a MONET. No, I didn't take any art history classes in college. And no, that's not an excuse. I should at least have Clueless memorized by now.


  1. So much fun!! I love it! :D
    (that also made me think of Clueless when she calls Amber a Monet, haha...."she's a full on monet!")

  2. Man.. I am just going to personally fly right across the US to San Fran just so YOU can do my nails. I will not take no for an answer. Seriously.
    Anywho thanks for the awesome comments as always :) How was your holidays? Any big New Years plans? I'm sure you have something fabulous going on and make sure you take plenty of pics!


  3. Definitely love it!


  4. hahahaha

    you are something else when it comes to nail stuff. i'm a vanilla all one shade kinda girl

  5. Wishing you a merry Christmas - with monet more to come... love the holly, ivy and creme de menthe coloured nails. xx

  6. I quote that movie at least once a week. I like green. I have a green iPod. I once said Andy Warhol when I meant Alfred Hitchcock. Whatevs.