Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I feel like cameras should just follow us around


wearing vintage dress, belt, and blazer, Banana Republic gloves and bag, vintage Frye boots

Any glance at the "trending" list on twitter will tell you that it's generally not an incubator for latent genius. Rather, it is a refuge for the lowest common denominator to discuss important issues like #thingsthatuse2BeCool and what happens #whenblackpeoplegetpaid.

However, HOWEVER! Sometimes there's some truly inspired shit on Twitter too. And @shitgirlssay tops my list of the most highlarious accounts. And now it's a Youtube series that I'm predictably obsessed with. It's like they followed me around for a week and recorded everything I said, then had a dude dress in drag and imitate me. How did they know this is exactly what I sound like?!

Clothing note: just rediscovered this schoolboy blazer under my bed and I still like it. Or I like it again. Either way, it'll be back in rotation for the winter.


  1. I can't believe I ate that much!

    love your guts.

  2. LOVE your outfit!
    and I had only seen the first video, I'll have to watch the others, hahaha :D

  3. omygoodness I love love love that title! So true!

    This outfit is awesome!

  4. Love those videos (soooo sadly true to life). And that blazer - amazing what you can find under the bed!

  5. Love you ladylike outfits!!!
    My instagram nick is emmyd99
    Happy Holidays!