Thursday, February 14, 2013

big puffy hearts

IMGP8008 IMGP8016 IMGP8015

wearing J. Crew dress, vintage Monet gold chain

I'm so glad those awkward grade school days are over when you had to give every kid in class a valentine's day card so no one felt left out (Lisa Simpson, I know you feel my pain).  Adulthood brings with it some pretty awkward Valentine's day traditions as well (edible arrangements, edible underwear, $600 Eres crotchless panties) but for the most part, as long as you've got dinner plans and some decent wine, it's smooth sailing.

Hope your day is filled with bon bons and whatever else floats your boat--and if you're feeling really randy, how about this dildo-shaped $10,000 chess set courtesy of Kiki de Montparnasse:



  1. For $10K that chess set better include Ryan Gosling in the box!

    ...I like your red dress. Even if you are wearing it on Valentine's Day.

  2. Omg, such a long time! How are you sweetie?
    I'm fine and I miss my friends from old blogs!
    You look gorgeous as always.
    Xo, Jamily.

  3. hahahahaa.. if I only had $10,000 bucks to spend. This actually has given me a great idea. I am going to try a DIY dildo chess piece set. I am sure there is a way.