Friday, February 1, 2013


Received a holiday party invite in December for a Gothic Christmas Party where the dress code was emphatically described as: "Nosferatu goth, not Nine Inch Nails Goth.' (Confession time: I'm still not clear whether they meant Nosferatu the movie or Nosferatu the band). In 1999 you may have found me and my bestie Tara in a similar look (photographic proof below) but it's been awhile since head-to-toe black and burgundy lipliner were de rigueur elements of our wardrobe. Luckily it turns out being goth is a lot like riding a bike, but of course way less conformist.


  1. Quite the odd theme for a Christmas party, but fun nonetheless ;)

  2. I LOVE IT!!! Im obsessing with all black right now! You girls look gorg!! IDK if anyone has told you this but you resemble the character Spencer from the tv show Pretty Little Liars lol.

    Editor & Chic
    @Stylekitty on IG

  3. Can you say theme for my next baby shower? Just kidding, I'm not having one of those again (baby showers I mean). I've been hiding out, giving the finger to blogger. I don't know if I'm uninspired, or lazy. I'll make a comeback eventually. We want to do a wolf pack shoot. Nacho has a wolf sweatshirt, I a wolf shirt, and baby burrita aka Nachita cause she looks exactly like her dad, a wolf onesie. It's in the works. I miss your blog. I wont be gone that long again. Thanks for checking in. Go Niners?


  4. Oh my gosh this is such a great idea!!