Monday, February 11, 2013

Joy Bianchi's Helper's Couture House

Took a long overdue trip (pilgrimage, really) to Joy Bianchi's world-famous 'Helper's House of Couture'. I had long heard the rumors of the appointment-only Helper's House with its veritable treasure trove of donated vintage designer items, and it did not disappoint. The foyer is all Chanel costume jewelry, the dining room is filled with $10-$99 pieces, and the living room is chock full of vintage shoes, bags, and signed jewelry. Upstairs is an entire room dedicated to black tie formal wear, a small room with seriously drool-worthy vintage furniture, and a bedroom filled to the rafters with dapper men's clothing. To say I was overwhelmed by the entire thing would be an understatement. I pretty much ran around like a madwoman with my pupils dilated and my palms sweaty. I was afraid I'd wake up and it would all be just a dream.
I tried on a deep purple Alexander McQueen dress that could have stopped traffic (and my bank account) but came home with this most magical of items--a vintage Céline blouse. Oh be still, my beating heart:

IMGP8021 IMGP8023 IMGP8024

I want Joy to adopt me and I want to look exactly like her when I grow up. The thick rimmed black glasses are her signature. I also had to snap a picture of the beautiful Camellia she had in her hair--and a picture of her as a young woman on the wall:

And here I am with Joy and my friend Laurel, who I am eternally indebted to for showing me this place. You rock, Laurel!

More items from the shop (ahem, Alaia) after the jump!



  1. That store looks like heaven on earth. And I'm totes jelz - that shirt is going to look AMAZING on you!