Wednesday, February 17, 2010



It's one of those exceptional nights when the air smells like flowers, it's unseasonably warm outside, and you find yourself affected by a curiously buoyant cheeriness. In the words of my man Ice Cube, today was a good day.

And just to add to the awesomeness, here are some pictures of cool nails. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to download Chris Brown's new mixtape and recline with my new copy of Lucky Magazine.


  1. Gradations of green - that's curiously original. Makes me want to print off this page and rush down to my manicurist.. thanks!

  2. I really love these! I'd love to be able to do this kinds of things for myself, but it always just gets really messy.

    juliet xxx

  3. literally printing off the light blue/glitter one and getting my nails done tonight. LOVES IT.

  4. ooo i love the green ones!! too bad i quit before the nail portion of beauty school. damnit!

  5. i love them all, but i'm currently craving matte nailpolishes!

  6. Anna Sui dress for v-day? You are one lucky lady! I got the job - it's just like an internship really but it's what I needed, and that view is because I live in the centre of Liverpool - not quite London, but it's still pretty good/bad because it means between 9am and 8pm, if boredom sets in I end up nipping downstairs to the shops!

    Navy blue glitter nails for me please! :) x

  7. loving the nails
    great blog, follow and comment