Tuesday, June 1, 2010

kickin it

Spent Memorial Day weekend in a state of semi-conscious bliss interrupted only by an occasional temper tantrum. At least it was warm enough for shorts:


top: wearing H&M Garden Collection shorts, Urban Outfitters boots, unknown tank top
bottom: wearing Target shorts, vintage, thrifted, mall jewelry, H&M shirt, $15 sandals from Marshalls

From now on, whenever I get pissy, I'm going to think of things that make me smile. Things like:
1. My new rings
2. A trip to Vegas for my best friend's birthday in two weeks
3. The fact that Jermaine Jackson has a son named "Jermajesty"
4. Sad trombone
5. My bedazzled Swarovski-studded nails
6. That tomorrow is already Wedneday

There. I feel better already.


  1. love those shorts i have some just like them from forever 21!
    I just wanted to drop a note I changed my url, I'm no longer summer is my favorite, I hope you still follow me!

  2. The shorts from H&M's Garden Collection looks wonderful on you. They suit your curves & I like the nude booties.

  3. Both outfits are cute but the second is my fave! Even the shades are cool!

  4. look at you all posey!!

    yayyy vegas!