Thursday, May 27, 2010

shitkicker boots

wearing vintage Frye boots, thrifted dress, unknown tights, Calvin Klien cardigan

Yesterday's outfit involved what is admittedly a dress version of a Hawaiian shirt (last seen here) and my absolute favorite boots. Shoeshine people literally chase me down the street trying to get their hands on these. I have to explain that the scuffs add character.

Frye has actually been making this "campus boot" since the Civil War. Soldiers on the Confederate and Union sides wore it, and the same style was reissued in the 1970's. What amazes me is that something designed 150 years ago still passes as fashionable. Now that's what I call good design.


  1. wow thats crazy about those boots, i love them

  2. I have a penchant for wearing really scuffed boots. It drives people crazy for some reason, but I agree that it adds character. I can't believe how timeless the design is. And I love that floral dress on you!

  3. You look great! And those boots are awesome!!!

  4. Love how you pair the bright florals with brown boots!

  5. I'm with you on the great design. Actually almost purchased the exact same pair a few weeks back whilst browsing on ebay. Cos this is the kind of boot that you wear forever and a day, and with everything.

    p.s. that dress? I looooove. Hawaaian shirt bonanza? All in haha.

    p.p.s. those necklaces in my post are my mothers...I snuck into her wardrobe on a weekend and snapped shots. That picture of my mom's jewellery just explains must be hereditary :)

    have a great week

  6. These boots are amazing! I love that you shared all the history on them too. Very nice post!