Tuesday, November 23, 2010

im not here


wearing Marc by Marc Jacobs cashmere sweater, vintage blouse, thrifted Wrangler cut offs, H&M tights, random socks, Dolca Vita booties

It is colder than Donkey balls up in this bitch. Where's my turkey?!?! I don't want to work tomorrow. 

To illustrate how I feel about this situation, I've pasted the same picture of myself glancing reproachfully over my shoulder into a photograph of an ancient, rotting mental institution. Take that Tyler Momsen. I am more emo than you. YOU PEONS COULD NEVER CONCEIVE OF THE DEPTH AND BREADTH OF MY GENIUS. Or my affinity for photo collages...


  1. I've seen an exhibition of these photos - they are equally terrifying and beautiful. Wishing you a happily mad turkeyless day x

  2. This picture is awesome!!! love the shorts

  3. Lovely blog!!


  4. Love the idea, you are right, you are a genius. And Tyler Momsen? Talk about dead-behind-the-eyes look. I think there is more dead in her than just behind the eyes. Actually I think her dogs are not all barking in the same street.

    Thanks for your comment on my last post. Yep, Katy Perry in my opinion has suddenly grown up to a very sexy young lady.

    Hope your day is going to be great.


  5. you're such a lovely girl dear. .Any dress you wear, you looks awesome!

  6. Clearly momsen should just give it up.
    I'm loving the creepy psychiatric ward ;)