Wednesday, November 10, 2010

i'm lazier than you

wearing Calvin Klein blazer, J Crew silk top, gifted Urban Outfitters skirt (thanks SMB!!), vintage bag, pin, Zara flats, random sunglasses, trusty Timex watch

The extent of my laziness is widely recognized and unwavering. Por ejemplo, I've needed new toothpaste for about a week now, and instead of just going to Walgreens and picking up a new tube, I've resorted to cutting the old tube open to scrape any last remnants of goo from the inside. Actually, this doesn't make me lazy. It would be far easier to buy a new tube than it has been to surgically excise the toothpaste from the spent tube. Maybe stubborn is a more apt description.

Anyhoo, speaking of laziness, my co-worker ordered this skirt off of Urban Outfitters for $7 and when it  arrived and didn't give her that good tingle in the panties (like all good clothes do) she gave it to me rather than trek to the post office and return it. So in the case of her laziness, there is a beneficiary, namely me, and I guess that doesn't count so much as laziness either. I dunno, moral of the story is I got a skirt for free and that's cool.


  1. oh, I cut and scrap all the time. fuck it, it's economical. stingy much?

    I love your blouse, great colour! the skirt is not bad either, esp. if it's free :D

  2. free stuff is the shit! going to the post office is such a hassel anyways.. wait in line behind some smelly guy, and then deal with a rude postal worker.. Though I am pretty lazy myself too, or a procrastinator,.. If I were an animal I would be a sloth. Seriously, maybe in my next life... sighhhh


  3. I call that being resourceful. And going green.


  4. I love the shot of chartreuse from the shirt!
    Yay, for (lazy) kind friends ;)

  5. Damn it. I wish the colour of your blouse would look good on blondes (c'est moi) too.

  6. I do that with foundation.

    How could she not love that skirt?! Ah well it looks beautiful on you so I guess fate wanted you to have it. Is this the sort of thing that you wear to work? Everyone in my new office is very grey.. I wore some city shorts and an animal print top yesterday and got a couple of very disapproving looks..

    That blouse is a beauty! :) x

  7. You look amazing and you're sooo funny!!! Also, I actually love that you do that because it's just another way to reduce, renew and recycle!

  8. You were procrastinating by being resourceful/green and that is always good so no harm!


  9. I love the story about your skirt. You have such a good sense of humor. =) I love how you're wearing the skirt with the bright green, so phenomenal(Like in the last post I loved it there too).

  10. I love free stuff lol..

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