Sunday, November 14, 2010

fashion anathema: the victoria's secret fashion show

A Victoria's Secret fashion show may be the only place you can see Behati Prinsloo swathed in a deflated soccer ball and silver tape:

This shit looks like it was conceived during a late-night binge drinking session by a club promoter whose idea of fashion has been gleaned entirely from lap dances and role-playing scenes in Olympic Sluts Part IV. It's Vegas meets I CAN'T.


  1. Wow, look at those bods!! Gorgeous!! I'm so jealous!

  2. Those stripes are pretty freaking addicting.

    Your thoughts on this VS show made me crack the hell up. Thanks for the laughter!

  3. So far from what was expected!

    juliet xxx

  4. Haaa! This is hilarious! It does however want to make me live out my dream of becoming a boxer or a body builder. I realise being a body builder would make me officially repel all men until the end of time but it would be fun. I would deffo be wanting to wear the purple number in photo two. :) x

  5. hahaha...I love this post. Its just hot women parading around their post body babies
    A.) I need to work out..

    B.) I knew you would appreciate Billy Ray's mullet, it would have been ever better if he was wearing a F.B.I. Female Body Inspector t-shirt..