Thursday, January 6, 2011

a year in nails, and a few words of faux wisdom


Today being my 28th birthday, I thought I'd share with you my (recently acquired) attitude about aging and getting older. Since mathematically speaking, we spend only a small portion of our lives being "young" (say, under the age of 25) and about 60-70% of our lives being "old," you might as well learn to enjoy getting older. Because honestly, if you're going to complain about getting older and be bummed out about 70% of your life, you might as well kill yourself.

Besides, I am WAY smarter and hotter now than I was at 22. Just sayin'.


  1. Happy Birthday, Banana! At 60+ I wouldn't trade in my brain......just my body!

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!!

  3. happy birthday, babe! 28 is pretty damn cool (I'm the same age, so there). "Besides, I am WAY smarter and hotter now than I was at 22." -> me too! I'd never go back. another thing, anyone who thinks above 25 is old should have their head checked. I wish you the fab-best celebration!

  4. Happy birthdayyyy! I hope and pray that i can also be way hotter and smarter than now once i get "older", please. xx