Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Marilyn Monroe 59
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As you may have noticed in a previous post featuring my (not organzied) nightstand, I've been reading Blonde by Joyce Carol Oates, and finally finished it last night. It's a novel about Marilyn Monroe that chronicles the factual elements of her life and then artfully and convincingly invents those details that we would have no way of knowing. It was utterly and wholly engrossing and obviously well-written, and I find myself more curious than ever about her. In particular, I am fascinated by photos taken towards the end of her life--at a time when hard living had crept into the corners of her eyes. She was still beautiful, but so worn looking.

It's hard to say if any modern-day blonde truly lives up to her genius beauty, talent, and natural propensity to delight people, but Gwen and Scarlett are two of my favorite modern-day blondes.

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em> April 2011

Gwen Stefani for Elle UK and Scarlett Johansson for Vogue China, via Fashion Gone Rogue

And because no discussion of blondes is complete without their patron saint, here's Coco and her "amazing 8th-world-wonder ass":

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So, who are your favorite blondes?


  1. loveeeeeeeee Marilyn...I find her so intriguing and clever...its sad that her life ended so soon...I agree with gwen and scar jo bein 2 modern day blondes that embodies some of MM traits...

  2. p.s
    that coco has alot of junk in her truck lol she needs to share the wealth as I lack potential in that area hahaha

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  4. While I do agree with you about Marilyn, Gwen and Scarlett as some of the most beautiful blonde women I have seen, (besides myself of course...) I would also like to say that nothing captures the grace, elegence, and epitome of a classy beautiful blonde as Coco, and Tara Reid. Those are definitly my favs. Oh yeah and Dog the Bounty Hunter too... come on, tell me that blonde mane doesn't make you wiggle in your chaps... (in a good way) :)


  5. I love Marilyn, but Gwen? They look so fantastic! :)


  6. Ive always loved Mariyln so that book is now a must read for me!! My favorite blonde would have to be Beyonce lolz.

    Editor & Chic

  7. Gwen is gorgeous and I love her attitude!

  8. I'll have to read that book at some point. Sounds completely fascinating. I agree with your choice of blondes as well. Reminds me that I need to get that new issue of Elle UK with Gwen on the cover. I do love Kate Winslet and Cate Blanchett as well, but those two are way more low-key to ever be compared to Marilyn.

  9. lmao with the whole coco thing... Marilyn and Gwen, Scarlett... such glam

  10. Definitely Scarlett Johansson! She is so classic and yet so casual. Wonderful.
    And oh!! Here in Brazil we have our giant woman ass too. Look here ( and see the ''Watermelon Woman''. (She definitely has a watermelon in the ass! hahaha)

    Miss you!

  11. OBV, we are going to be friends! Linking to your blog in my post today. That hasn't ever happened to me either, but it was definitely amazeballs.



  12. seriously, coco's disgusting.

    8th world wonder my ass (hahaha, get it?)