Wednesday, March 16, 2011

my space


a few vignettes from my room

Japan is on my mind, as I'm sure it is yours. Thinking about how tenuous our grasp on normalcy really is kind of puts a new spin on simple luxuries like reading in bed, cooking yourself dinner, or hanging out with friends. It could be snatched away from us at any moment, so shit, enjoy it. Do what you love. And if what you love is to buy things and write about clothes and force your boyfriend to take awkward pictures of what you're wearing, then do it. A tragedy shouldn't force us all to look at our hobbies like they don't make sense anymore. It should have the opposite affect--to strengthen the bond we have to the material world and the things that occupy and keep us happy within it. So no, I don't feel dumb posting pictures of a few random nooks in my room. And, just my two cents, you shouldn't either.


  1. I was just saying this to my husband the other day. Some of my family members have health problems and I've been really stressed out. I felt like blogging while this is happening was wrong, but it really relaxes me so why not do something that helps you relax right?

  2. loving your words hun, so true!

  3. Yes its interesting ay, I was saying to my boyfriend yesterday after a lovely japanese meal,

    "I feel awful having eaten an amazing japanese meal when the people of Japan are in such crisis"
    .....he replied...
    "don't feel awful, feel grateful"

    .....and he is right.

    It looks like you have a nice peaceful space. x

  4. You have a lovely aesthetic. Your words are true. Live and love.