Sunday, March 13, 2011

we did it, we're living in the now with no regard for the future


wearing Zara cape and v-neck sweater, "vintage" pleated skirt from high school, Forever21 blouse (from a long time ago as well), patent belt from Banana Republic, Made by Elves booties

Not that you were keeping track, but I technically haven't bought a single item of clothing since February 1st.  Until now. Last week's Gilt sale on Tucker dresses and blouses turned out to be a little more than I could handle and I purchased the blouse below from the label's Fall 2010 collection:

Picture 6
Image via Tucker site

I'm proud of myself anyway though. Still haven't dropped a dime at Forever 21, H&M, or Target this year, despite having entered a quite expansive new Forever 21 store and visiting the website on a couple of occasions. So, ya know, woo hoo for that.


  1. LOVE this outfit! That cape is amazing :D
    I've been good and not bought anything at Forever 21 since like October or something XD But I still love Target and H&M (only bought 1 thing at H&M though)

  2. that cape is beautiful, and camel and purple has been my most favorite combination!

  3. blah. I am in the same boat and haven't bought any clothes since February 1 when I started this cray cray 30x30 challenge. That all ends tomorrow though! I am going to go bananas and buy a bunch of ish! I can't wait. And it will be real live ish, because I am buying hundreds of dollars of clothes at F21...Hopefully the sleeves don't fall off all my tops while I am wearing them.

  4. I'm very proud of your shopping ban! I haven't been that good (damn the very last of the sales). The blouse is gorgeous though, so I don't blame you for caving. Love that cape by the way. I almost got the same one in black.

  5. Love that tucker shirt! I just spend over $300 on F21 and AA :(

  6. Sound great! And that cape is CRAZE BEAUTIFUL! I want it!! :D

    Juliet xxx

  7. loving this look
    thanks for visiting and commenting on BLEURGH

    Xisses, Onyxsta

  8. beautiful cape for sure...i haven't being shopping at forever 21 in a long time of a bit...i'm forever tempted though.