Thursday, March 10, 2011



wearing vintage sweater, Topshop vest, J Brand jeans, vintage necklace

Been testing out my new wireless remote for the Pentax-- clearly something that I have not yet mastered.

Side note: holyfuckingshit Japan just got hit with The Big One. My thoughts go out to everyone affected, especially my colleagues at Ustream Japan. I can't even really process all the damage I'm seeing on the news. I hope it's not as bad as it looks.


  1. Nice vest! & I hope things are well in Japan, it's so sad.

  2. Cute outfit! That fur vest is nice.

    And yes, my thoughts goes out to those not only in Japan but also the west coast, too. So sad.

  3. Love that vest!!! I need to get a remote for my camera too...haha

    and yes, sooo horrible for everyone in Japan!! :( Why is Mother Nature so cruel?

  4. our rayers are with Japan and Hawaii and everywhere else involved...but in the main time, that sweater and vest is banging...

  5. I'd luv to hug you...
    the vest is cozy!
    watching the updates on tv...worried abt the nuclear plant explosion, sigh...


  6.'s so terrible what is happening in Japan right now...

    on another note I am loving your furry vest! And about my AA it in downtown LA a couple of months ago...I was nearly going to get also the nude version of it but eventually I just decided for the white actually quite amazing and I love it despite the fact I am not really a shirt kind of girl... xxx

  7. Can you borrow this sweater? I love a lot!

  8. Your camera seems to be working fine. Japan looks to be in quite a mess. These two statements are not related. x

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    Juliet xxx