Tuesday, May 3, 2011


wearing thrifted Ellen Tracy skirt, H&M sweater, child's motorcycle jacket from leather shop, Made by Elves shoes, necklace from Lili Vintage in New Orleans, Banana Republic bracelet

Why are they always eating at Subway on The Real World? Can't they get a reputable food establishment to sponsor the show? Oh wait, I'm the only one who still watches it, so I guess not. And speaking of advertising, how am I supposed to extract meaning and enjoyment from life without Donald Draper's weak-chinned profile brooding through a haze of cigarette smoke on Mad Men? With the series postponed until 2000-God-knows-what, I'm resorting to marathons of Chloe and Lamar just to make it through. Clearly, I can't go on like this. My brain will literally implode on itself from disuse.

In happier news, I am approaching the 3-week countdown of my trip to New Orleans. I can't wait to bury my face in Alligator cheesecake.


  1. such a pretty combination ;)

  2. Ooh I love those colors together
    and WOOOOO yay for New Orleans! :D

  3. I can't get truly excited about anything since I've finished The Wire. I don't even want to start watching something new, I mean, how will it ever compare? so I'm watching Oz all over again for, dunno, probably the 5th time :D

  4. I LOVE this color combination! It looks amazing!!!
    I read Mad Men will not even start producing season 5 until 2012 which sucks!

  5. Nice colorblocking! I don't think I've watched The Real World in 10 years... it was definitely a guilty pleasure of mine. But haven't they run out of cities to film this in by now?

  6. Oh what a sweet comment! Say thank you for your parents and send my Hello! ;)
    And I have to comment, I get jealous of friends that you made and was going out. One day when I go to San Francisco, hope to meet you for tea and photos.
    Well I'm fine just a little flu and have a bad conjunctivitis, it sucks. I don't have blogged for a while because I don't have time, I have traveled to see my boyfriend... But I'm always here when I can. ;)
    And with you, how is everything?

    Ps: I love this jacket!

  7. Just stumbled on your blog! You're so fierce. I never thought about combining red and pink - but it looks fabulous. Especially with the leathaaaah.

    And these pictures are fabulous, as well. I love the green background + your outfit. BOO YEAH FOR CONTRAST.

    Check out mine?

  8. oh shit, I accidentally removed you from my following list instead of another blog I was trying to ditch. just wanted to clarify, so that you wouldn't think I stopped following you because of your interest in the royal wedding :D

  9. gorgeous look, great colours!!!
    Lydz xX

  10. I love different shades of red together!

    Juliet xxx

  11. Pink and red. Nice. I'm yet to colorblock. I suck.