Sunday, March 18, 2012

cold beach

IMGP3625 IMGP3614 IMGP3619 IMGP3654 IMGP3633 IMGP3658 IMGP3636
wearing Alice McCall dress from SS 2008, Gap sweater, H&M tights and target socks, Hunter boots, UO utility jacket

So the weather has recently taken a turn for the schizophrenic and given us 6 straight days of rain and wind, which has made this whole spring transition thing slightly complicated. Luckily my Hunter Wellies--which have become the de rigueur footwear for San Franciscans grappling with rain--stand in nicely with short dresses, tights, and socks. I just wish they didn't make my calves sweat so much.

ANYWAY, I'm crazy stoked about this new chair that I snagged for $45 bones off of Craigslist. It needs a little TLC, but doesn't smell like something died in it, so overall it's a major win!


  1. wow, great snaps. i like the one of you holding the shell. :)

  2. Love the outfit! You found some amazing shells, sadly in CT we don't get many awesome shaped shells at the beach...just in the store ;)
    And that chair looks very comfy! :D

  3. Very cute outfit! Love the wellies!

  4. You're naturally quirky - and this is a curiously English look! (that's a compliment, by the way)

    I'm so pleased I finally cracked how to leave comments - anyone else having trouble, just click onto the 'reply' of the last comment and then the comments box appears. Fingers crossed this works...

  5. I dig this concept. My ESL students would have called it "cold bitch." Even better. I like people who wear sweaters over dresses. It shows they are above the rest.