Thursday, March 1, 2012

sun bleached

treasure island

wearing LL Bean striped shirt, Acne jacket, UO jeans, vintage bag and shoes

Stuff white people like: going to flea markets just to take photos. Especially when you go with fellow bloggers (Bobby of Lens Caption and Devon of effortlesslii to be exact.) These were all taken on Treasure Island last weekend, which lies right smack dab in the middle of Oakland and San Francisco. I'd never actually been there before, but the monthly Treasure Island Flea market ended up being a must see--if only because it's a much smaller, more reasonably priced cousin of the Alameda Flea Market. And because of the view. We took took photos of the stunning city vista afforded us by an unusually clear day, and Wardell risked life and limb jumping repeatedly in the air so that we could get good shots of him. He's such a trouper.

Clothing note: finally snagged a pair of woven leather flats on Etsy. I heart them long time.


  1. lovely pictures! and those shoes are adorable :)

    Daria, the Fashionsurfer

  2. Love the outfit!! The shoes are so awesome, I need a pair of loafers...and I, of course, still love the Acne jacket...

  3. you rock these loafers. why do I always look like an idiot in something like this?

  4. that jacket is so freaking awesome. i miss sf, i hope i can visit within the next few months.

  5. These pictures are awesome!!!!!