Monday, March 5, 2012

here go hell come

IMGP3260 IMGP3266 IMGP3269 IMGP3265 IMGP3274 wearing Michael Michael Kors skirt, vintage sweater, vintage fox fur stole, vintage ring, bracelets, and necklace

Who else is excited for Marni at H&M on Thursday? Now, of all of you who are excited, who is actually going to haul their ass to the closest H&M on Thursday morning and wait outside with some pepper spray and a home made knife to get their hands on some of the oh so rare pieces in the collection? I wish that could be me, but adult responsibilities--and mandatory meetings await me. I may try to zip over there in the afternoon just to check it out, but I have a feeling it will all be gone by then, leaving only broken hangers and maybe a trampled child or two.

Shopping limited edition collections like this is a special kind of hell, but one that I find myself uniquely suited to. I guess I never played sports, so I take out my competitive urges in a retail environment.


  1. oooving this outfit! The mixing of prints is great!
    Sadly my H&M never gets the designer stuff :(

  2. I'm going in the an H&M that may not even have it. For one dress. Wish me luck.

    And that you're quoting 'Thai Calvin' (who probably wasn't Thai, but who I called 'Thai Calvin') makes me love you a little more than I already do.

  3. I'd love to get the pajamas, they're sooo cute. However, there no H&M in my town so no pajamas for me.

  4. You never played sports? Lucky. I always felt peer pressured into it. Numba one bench warmer right here. My bf and I are still getting over missing out on comic con tickets. That ish went way too fast. You look sweet in fur.

  5. print mixing at its finest!

    i really wanted that black polka dot coat from marni x h&m, but didn't even try

  6. I totally forgot about the Marni for H&M launch.

    Your fur stole is divine. I still do not own one. Nor a nice, stylish faux fur vest. Ugh. I suck.

  7. delightful mix!

    I went to H&M in the evening (I'm such a freaking glass-half-full person!). the only things left were some of those nice leather panel jackets and shoes (I don't wear leather anyway), a whole rack of those worthless-looking pink shorts (wtf was that?), and some other pieces not worth mentioning, so I was like "fuck that shit, there are many other places to spend my cash".