Sunday, March 4, 2012

fashion anathema: the thuggie

In what is apparently the bastard offspring of a snuggie, a hoodie, and a tall tee, behold the Thuggie, a "pants optional" (according to the website) garment designed to give the wearer a surefire, completely hormone-free method of birth control. I DO NOT cosign this look (outside of an ironically-themed hipster "thuggie" party OMG GOOD IDEA) but if given a "Would You Rather" involving this and those five finger running shoes I'd go Thuggie all the way and rock that shit with some leggings and Isabel Marant wedge high tops. Done and done.

So, which would you rather? Wear a Thuggie for a week straight, or the five finger running shoes?


  1. oh gosh. i would go thuggie for sure. belt it and throw on some super high heels

  2. i'm going with the thuggie, i agree with aline, chuck on some heels and it'd be wearable. However, I'd like to buy one several sizes too small so I didn't look like a blob...haha....

  3. Wowza....they need to stop with all this weirdness, haha...but yea I would wear the thuggie instead of the running shoes

  4. OMG I cant....this is so crazy. Let's see how long before H&m starts selling them!