Monday, October 1, 2012

halloween ideas pt. 1

Since it's been two years (!!) since my last shameless drag queen opportunity, I'm wanting to do it up hard this year. The only question is, as what? Or whom?

For one, I'm toying with the idea of transforming myself into the rare, exquisite 80s icon Brenda Dickson. Brenda played Jill Foster Abbott on The Young and the Restless from 1973-1980, and most famously made an ill advised foray into lifestyle and fashion advice with a vanity film called Welcome to My Home, which of course gave rise to one of the most glorious internet memes ever, along with the phrase that pays: "Remember, when you eat you're just a vacuum with nipples."
Lee press-on nails, big hair, magenta eye contouring, and a loud-ass hawaiian print muumuu should do the trick.


  1. hahaha.. love it! I think that costume wouldn't be too hard to put together :) I was thinking of being Miss Argentina from Beetlejuice (all time favorite movie) the one who is blue with red hair, "before my little accident" as she shakes her wrists still looking freshly cut.


  2. you could be casey anthony, or would that be too last year?

    1. OMFG. You are some kind of a weirdo genius.