Sunday, October 21, 2012

kickin it

IMGP6116 IMGP6148 IMGP6146 IMGP6127 IMGP6144 IMGP6143 IMGP6138IMGP6139
wearing shoes from Pixie Market (I forget the brand), Zara pants, Madewell denim shirt, Roxy jacket, vintage fur stole, "faux-leciaga" bag

God I love these shoes. They do this miraculous thing to your legs that actually makes them look longer, even though the shoes only have like a 3/4" heel. Bonus that I can extract my pinkie toe from them and up the creep factor in a completely subtle, yet terrifying way.


  1. I LOVE those shoes, such an amazing cut and strap (weird about the toe though, ha ha)
    I love this outfit, the fur is the perfect finishing touch :)

  2. that pinkie thing is a serious mindfuck. people will shit bricks!

  3. Haha your hilerious with that toe! I love it!!! Anyhow what a babe you are in these pictures, I would wear that fur collar everyday if I had it, and your shoes are fab too. (including the party trick, ya can't beat that!)

  4. re: the halloween thing - you can find my answer in the comments here:

    p.s. I had totally forgotten about the toe and now I've seen it again. and what is seen, cannot be unseen ...

  5. I love those shoes too! Very very cute on you. I'm at work and was on a call when I saw your pinky toe and busted out laughing! OMG too funny. I just got some JC wedges and did the same thing the other day to freak out my bf. LOL