Thursday, January 24, 2013

slightly athletic

Let's go running! Ha, not really. But let's don running shoes with heartier fashion fare like slim, cropped pants, pencil skirts, and yes, even dresses in the pursuit of Nowness v. 2013. When $500 versions of a running shoe come out (courtesy of Golden Goose, Balenciaga) you know we've got a full-blown Thing here. And even if you won't catch me squatting my way to leaner glutes or pushing 1200 pound truck tires down the street, you may just find me paying homage to Clock Watchers by pairing proper work clothes with all-terrain footwear. It makes it that much easier to run after the bus/flee from street musicians/get home in time for Millionaire Matchmaker or whatever low-budget TV show you've been using to rot your brain lately (personal favorite: The Shahs of Sunset).

Here are a few more affordable options that in my opinion, look no less fashion-y.

4. Adidas Orion $46
5. Nike Free Run $79.97
6. New Balance 420 $54.99


  1. i dont know if i like the idea of pairing chloe and a pair of nikes... are you going to try it?

  2. Man.. Ive been wearing the same Nike's for about 9 years now. Sad :(
    By the way.. we have the same taste in men. Seriously. It's weird. My sister always thinks the men I think are hot are "disgusting", and yes thats part of the appeal in some cases.