Monday, January 14, 2013

golden globes recap

Poehler. Fey. A bunch of waxed, injected, bronzed celebrities. What could be better?

First off, I should disclose that my opinion on Amy Poehler and Tina Fey is colored by the fact that I would go gayelle for them. Tina has literally never looked so hot at an awards show, and damn you Amy Poehler for wearing the femme tux of my dreams. Well played.

I have professed my weakness for clothing that should be wallpaper here and here, so it should surprise no one that I got major butterflies for this amazing Carolina Herrera on Lucy Liu. The fact that it could double as floor-to-ceiling curtains in the drawing room at Downton Abbey only endears it to me more.

You might think Jenny's lace and nude dress is reading a bit too ice capades does evening wear, but my god, if I ever saw this woman dressed down without a look on her face like she's in heat, I think I'd die of shock. It's her brand.

Despite the fact that she's spent the last 7 years starring in the worst rom coms ever, Kate Hudson has had some great red carpet moments. And I'm going to go ahead and say that this McQueen dress is one of them. I can forgive her that keyhole neckline just this once though.

 Sienna Miller has reached Chloe-Sevigny-like mythical status in my book. She almost always nails it even when everyone thinks she doesn't. However, I don't know about this Erdem look. The 3D texture is fun, but in a high-necked, floor-length tube dress she looks like the decorative covering for some sort of bathroom accessory. Too harsh?

On a more positive note, her barely-there makeup and simple trio of diamond studs in one ear looked fresh and modern, and proved she's still clairvoyant when it comes to anticipating exactly what I would want to wear:

Apparently, the color of the night was periwinkle. Nicole Richie nailed a 60's South-Beach-divorcee-goes-on-a-cruise vibe with this Naeem Khan gown. The drunky-eyes only added to it.

But honestly, the best-dressed of the night has to go to one person and one person only. Ladies and gentleman, for an outstanding display of 19th century facial hair, the Golden Globe goes to...

Bill Murray!

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