Sunday, January 27, 2013


wearing: Mom's white blazer (I forget the label), Madewell shirt, H&M cuffs, J. Brand jeans, Zara shoes

Ever wanted to know what happens when I'm free from the judging eyes of the public (or the person behind the camera)? I present to you, self-photographed outfit shots from some random-ass day a long time ago when I raided my mom's closet for the white blazer and ended up channeling Lourdes Leon and Miami Vice at the same time. Sometimes I impress myself.


  1. I like your boots! I'm a big fan of raiding my mother's closet. I think she should be happy that her clothes are still in style, but she mostly just get annoyed when she finds me in there.

  2. i raid my mom's closet too!!! and that blazer is mint! love it love it
    the H&M cuff is wickedly good :-)

  3. You should totally keep the blazer!!!
    I loved NOLA and I can't wait to go back!!!