Tuesday, January 8, 2013

this is 30

wearing vintage I. Magnin jumpsuit via What Poppy Wants, vintage necklace

Don't think its really necessary to offer up some kind of treatise on aging and turning the big 3-0 because I'm not  the first person to reach the milestone and I haven't done that much aging yet. Luckily, I'm not terribly age-phobic, and thus reaching this somewhat arbitrary touchpoint between "adulthood" and Adulthood isn't much more frightening than changing the side I part my hair. Nonetheless, the 30th birthday, through social construct, biology, or a combination of both, seems to loom large in the minds of most twentysomethings. I keep getting asked, 'Do you feel older?' 'Can you believe you're 30?' to which I say, 'I always feel older than I was yesterday,' and 'yes.' I also like to remind people that the alternative to getting older is...not getting older. And no one wants to be dead!

Anyway, long story short I wore the most magical item in my closet out on my birthday and it in no way inhibited me from doing high kicks because it is a JUMPSUIT. So I did high kicks all night and wore plastic animal noses, because sometimes getting older is cause for a little regressive behavior.


  1. Yayy!! Such a perfect birthday look!
    (You do not look 30 at all! :p)

  2. Hehe! I am with Closet Fashionista, you do not look 30 :)

    Happy belated bday!

  3. Hooray! (This will be me at the end of the year)

    Okay, so I can't imagine a better outfit for your birthday. It's like out of Scarface!