Thursday, January 29, 2009


As I mentioned earlier, my ingenuity and resourcefulness finally triumphed over the inflated price points of the venerable Urban Outfitters. Using store-bought feathers, I was able to create a feather hair clip much like the ones selling in their stores for $18. Sure, eighteen bucks may not seem like a whole bunch of money, but unemployment insurance isn't a lot of money either. I am forced to improvise.

Anyhoo, here's a picture of what the ones on U.O. website look like:

And, if you'll kindly excuse the crappy MacBook pictures, here's my creation:

It was really easy, even for a plebian like me. All I did was cut out a small piece of felt and glue the feathers to it in neat rows using a glue gun. Then I took one of those alligator hair clips and used a small piece of ribbon to attach the felt to the clip. Voila!


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  2. You're so cute! This is such a great idea to make your own fashionable pieces for cheap. With the current state of the economy right now, you could really sell a lot of people on your crafty do it at home fashion porn!

    Martha Stewart ain't got nothing on you biatch! xoxo

  3. Hey Girl!!
    I sewed it on, It lasts longer, I never use glue..

    Loved your DIY! Gonna need to go buy some feathers!!