Saturday, January 31, 2009


                                 Street Cred

Playing around with Polyvore is kind of like getting to be on an episode of Stylista where you create your own fashion editorial except you don't have to deal with the bitchy whining fugface better known as Megan and Anne Slowey doesn't tear you a new one for spelling some socialite's name wrong. It is getting a bit depressing though because I create stuff like the ensemble shown above and realize a.) there is no way I will ever be able to own/afford the pieces I use in the collages, and b.) currently there is no way I can even afford cheaper versions of the clothing and accessories used in the collages.

BUT just because I can't shop doesn't mean I can't go to Border's and spend $15 on the February issue of French Vogue featuring Lara Stone! The editorials are amazing, and Lara looks like the perfect alien femmebot I think we've all come to know and love. And she's got curves! I'll try to post some pics from it later. They're very "edgy" (i.e. they feature lots of faux fetishism and nudity) so be forewarned.


  1. MMM, well, its a little complicated to explain how I made it, I get this idea in my head and start from that, I dont really follow any patterns or rules.
    I started with a base of a black cotton lycra un the bottom, made sure it wraped around nicely so when stitched, it was a light mini skirt & over that I started sewing the white fabric panels I cut from a white cotton lycra..
    There are pics on the entry when I made them that explain it better, Il send you the link, I hope you get a better idea...

  2. that is the best issue of vogue in years. great polyvoew work. i lik so many items here. love the theme color.