Friday, January 30, 2009


After spending countless hours searching ebay for cropped leather motorcycle jackets and realizing that people are far too willing to bid absurd amounts of money on them, it finally dawned on me that they might be cheaper if I went straight to the source. Thus I found myself tagging along with my boyfriend one Saturday afternoon to browse the leather offerings at Just Leather in San Jose, a family-owned motorcycle leather store. And guess what? They sell kids' motorcycle jackets for $99! It took a little gumption on my part to brave the bemused looks of old guys buying chaps for their Harleys, but the sales people were super-nice and not at all rude even though I was clearly more of a fashionista than a ride-or-die type chick. Of course, I couldn't buy it myself, so my dearest BF picked it up for me on the sly and had it sitting under the tree on Christmas morning. Best gift ever.

I wore it last night to a punk show with my DIY shredded tank (thanks to Camille's tutorial) and my new J Brands that I got on sale for $50 (I know, I know, I'm not supposed to be shopping, but I NEEDED them). I felt slightly out-of-place, like a hipster trying to look cool at a punk show, but it was pretty fun. Brought me back to my Jnco, chain-wallet-wearing days of yore. 


  1. The shirt is awesome and the jacket super cool.
    Great look and a real nice blog.

  2. kids biker jacket?! Why yes...!
    I think I'm the only idiot that can't get the shredding thing to work on my old tees! I tried once and is not lining my dog's bed.

    p.s.-I took the liberty of adding you to my blogger friends list. Hope you don't mind.