Monday, December 14, 2009

world cultures


A weekend jaunt to Black and Brown turned up this heavily brocaded 60's Eastern-European-meets-boho-chic vest that weighs in at a good 3 lbs. Anyone with any cognizance of world cultures who wants to tell me where it could be from, please share. I'll buy you a cupcake.

Also, finally ripped, prodded, sanded, and chiseled my acrylic nails off and sprung for the Calgel manicure at Bisou Nail Lounge in Oakland. Of course, I had to go for an Ombre pattern for my first time out. I'll let you guys know how it wears, but so far I'm optimistic and excited about the prospect of not completely ruining my natural nails. Oh, and I can suddenly type about 25% faster now that they're a more sensible (read: non-Rihanna) length.

Completely OT, but can we take a second to talk about the piece of Guido magic better known as The Jersey Shore? It's possibly the most beautiful ode to sharpie eyebrows, tanning beds, and fist-pumping ever created. MTV is getting really good at queefing out these little nuggets of greatness. Well played, MTV.


  1. MTV is always good I think.. Well MTV Brazil.
    Anyway, you beautiful as always.. I like your boots, is great in you! ;)

    Luv, ♥

  2. you gorgeous little thing, I love your nails!

    oh and that show has changed my life lmao me and my boyfriend are hooked on it, we just stare blank in confusion at these people. It is remarkable they even exist, its like another species. I love it haha

  3. You look super cute! And I love your hair! It looks soo shiny and healthy!

  4. cant say where the dress is from, but can defintely tell you that is looks fabulous. i have been to black and brown once, i love their limited yet selective pieces.

  5. love that vest, such an awesome pattern.

    and take it from some one who's been to the jersey shore (we were short on funds), they're even more hilarious in person

  6. am i the only person that has not seen this yet? jersey shore is high up on my to do list!

    that vest is amazing...amazing!

  7. The vest could be a Christian Lacroix couture!

  8. Amazing vest, and best of luck with your nails...
    Have a wonderful day!
    Btw, I love your ring, it really is something special!

  9. That vest is absolutely stunning!


  10. great blog! keep up the good work x

  11. love your nails!! so gorgeous (and your header is super interesting)

    ive never watched that show but just looking at the picture says it all haha