Wednesday, January 20, 2010

best in show: chanel pre-fall 2010

I haven't queefed over a Chanel collection this much since Kunty Karl sent models down the runway with these lightbulb heels in 2007, but I am smitten. I was originally going to do a pre-fall post but decided I needed to dedicate an entire entry to Chanel and this mix of rich pattern and texture with positively futuristic cuts and silhouettes.

For me, this is everything fashion could and should be: playful, elegant, sumptuous, intellectual without being inaccessible, and rooted in tradition while still looking to the future. Bra-fucking-vo. I'll take one of each.


  1. I love the random bursts of greens and yellows!

  2. That long, black evening dress with the ornate red, lace collar is my favorite. Can't wait for fashion week!

  3. Hehe, nice selection in the garments department, however the models faces are mean enough to sour fresh cream... :-)

    I have a great giveaway running on my blog at the moment, please feel free to enter!

    Hope your week is going well.


  4. YEEEEEPPPP! I have a huge fan of Chanel as U know!

  5. Love the tones of red, very dark..I love it!

  6. i love the asian feel of this collection, its one of my favorites too!