Friday, January 22, 2010

things i don't know:


...whether Amber Rose is edgy, slutty, the smartest hooker in the room, or a delicate Lily flower who is just confusing us all with her complex sartorial tastes.

Things I do know: Kanye is wearing the SHIT out of those Louboutin studded loafers. Work it girrrrl...

Also, I got my DKNY Collection shoes in the mail this week, and let's just say they provoked a rather unprofessional squeal and a jubilant 'happy dance' when they arrived at my office. Off came the Frye boots and on went the 5 1/2 inch monsters and they basically haven't left my feet since. I think I'm going to marry them.


  1. Omg she disgusts me, but I cant turn away!!

    p.s enter my jewelry giveaway!!

  2. he always looks amazing...i don't get her, she's a pretty gal, but my god that's hideous