Sunday, April 18, 2010

got my greatest hits

Summery temperatures didn't stop me from being chained to a laptop all weekend, so I just brought the laptop outside into the lush, tropical landscape that is my boyfriend's unkempt backyard. As an added bonus, it abuts a golf course so not only am I being watched by creepy golfers, I'm also in constant danger of being wiped out of existence by a rogue golf ball. I mean, with a setup like this, who needs vacation?!


wearing H&M Garden Collection shorts, vintage silk shirt, Zara booties, Ray Ban sunglasses

This was the kind of weekend where all I wanted to do was drive around with the windows down blasting Sublime. It's going to be a little hard getting jazzed up about going back to work.


  1. Sometimes such as here, less is more.

  2. the boots are hot!

  3. love the boots!

  4. Love the Sunglasses! They look great on you.