Thursday, April 22, 2010

trompe l'oeil

So excited for the return of the stovepipe flare. Especially because you can wear them extra-long with your highest platforms and just pretend to be a supermodel for a day. Being 5'8" feels cool.

wearing Zara sweater, infiniti scarf (from Marshalls), Blank jeans, Donna Karan heels, vintage rings


  1. Omg, are skinny jeans over already - these look fabulous, even though you're hiding your Donna Karan heels.

  2. I miss flared jeans! I'm glad they're starting to come back in, sure I like skinny jeans. But flares just fit soo much better xx

  3. You know I have some similar COH jeans that I used to wear all the time. This just reminded me again that I need to wear them again. I'll have to find them first! You look awesome! Too bad we can't see those DK shoes!

  4. Haha, great minds think alike. I was just saying to friends that my current obsession is flared jeans. Loving them. I especially love ones that fit well and then have an extra flare to them.

    Just perfect!

    p.s. the leatherette pants are not sweaty at all. I think the lining is a nice light cotton so very handy, especially in Australia.

  5. I really love this scarf! Is so gorgeous and sexy! ;)
    Btw, how are you sweetie? I'm so glad to see your blog again.

    Lots of love.