Friday, July 2, 2010

closet thrifting

And no, I don't mean thrifting on the sly or thrifting as a shameful secret. I mean thrifting in your closet, or in my case in the closet of my old room at my parents' house. I got rid of almost everything I couldn't take with me when I moved out after college, but unexpectedly found a small treasure trove of shoes that I put away when they became so disappointingly passé that I couldn't stand the sight of them. And well, you know fashion, what's old is new again.

Peep out Kobe's crooked little foot in the pic above. I love his crooked little feet.

Hope everyone has a happy 4th, filled with beer and sun and processed meat products and camel toe inducing shorts and everything else that makes America great.


  1. i like so much...
    Kiss from Milan
    Nicola freshonPR

  2. Finding forgotten things is the best joy!

    juliet xxx

  3. Camel? Much prefer your red and white polka dot toes, as shown off by these fab wardrobe finds.

  4. love it, so perfect