Tuesday, July 27, 2010

the ghost who walks


wearing Gap sweater, aa t-shirt, infiniti scarf, thrifted leather shorts, unknown thigh highs, made by elves booties

I've removed the picture from my header (that's soooo 2008, y'know?), and now I'm photoshopping (Gimping, actually) pictures of myself into colorful nature photography. I think this blog has officially jumped the shark.

I feel this is an appropriate time to use the Chuck Palahniuk quote: "Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everyone I have ever known."


  1. I miss the header--rather liked it.

  2. Interesting times.. creating new. Can't wait to see... I still so love your blog title. Very daring! I sigh in admiration;)

  3. Oooo I love the new header! Did you not fancy incorporating a teenage mutant ninja poodle into it though? That's the only thing that could have improved it... And thankfully I haven't had any bites about the face yet but I'm sure my time will come - I feel your sister's pain and will definately steer clear of Maine!

    We have the crappiest internet at home and it breaks all the time so I always miss your beautiful posts! Your DIY nails looked AMAZING and the leather shorts and OTK socks combo work so well. Love all the textures! HAWT. :) x

  4. Love that quote. Have fun Gimpin'! Haha.

  5. Such a great outfit! You're rocking the over the knee socks and leather shorts! And I can't get enough of that scarf, I need that!

  6. Loving those leather shorts. Sorry I didn't answer your question earlier, but about cameras, I really liked my Nikon dslr but canons have better color quality.

    Nikons are known for their easy-to-use controls and for their quality lenses. But canons just take better photos so I'd go with one of those. Rebels are a decent camera for starters.