Wednesday, July 21, 2010

extreme poodles

Watching a show about competitive poodle grooming has gotten me thinking about the myriad creative outlets we have for our deep-seated daddy issues and psychoses. It's just kind of sad to take it out on a poodle, don't ya think? At least have the decency to put your toddler in a swimsuit competition or marry a Real Doll. Leave the fucking dog out of it.

To make it worse, entrants are judged in the following categories:
- Scissoring (seriously)
- dye job
- "wow" factor

Kobe does not approve of extreme scissoring:



    This is a mess! LOL

  2. lol.... oh my god..., I agree. But I have to admit that dog that looks like a panda bear is fucking cute, but also really freaky. Though I've always liked llama's, but can't have one, so if they could turn my dog to look like a llama that would be pretty cool.


  3. I cant decide if this is fabulous or cruel, but i really want to do it to Maddy...

  4. omg poor dogs hahaha! it's kind of funny though, but cruel! oh I can't decide! btw fab outfit in the previous post :D

  5. Teenage mutant ninja poodle just looks so ashamed. I've seen that woman before - did you see her website pink coyote or something? Some body has too much time on her hands.

    I've been away for the week and I have loved your posts so much! Sadly I never managed to find the Wah boutique in the carnage that is Topshop oxford circus so I didn't get my leopard print nails but yours looked fantabulous! :) x

  6. Kobe looks concerned (as any dog might) - no curiously crazy canine colour makeover then?

  7. What the ....

    Words fail me. This isn't real, right? I'm dreaming right now, and when I wake up, I'll run to the computer and blog about the crazy dream that I had.

  8. omg
    poor things, it's not funny or pretty or nothing like that
    I don't know why they do that to their pets